Friday, November 07, 2003

Worthy Cause

From Pervasive Light's Blog to your ears and, hopefully, wallet.

80-yr old man gets attacked twice. 1st by a mugger, then by the awsome majesty of {spit} NYC law.

Hat tip to Alphecca.

Update chuckle: Xiaodong left a comment at Pervasive Light with a very good point. "Has he voted Democrat all his life, as I suspect? If so, he deserves all he gets . . ." Xiao really is absolutely right, in that anyone who votes democrat is deserving of no assistance in a 2nd amendment violation matter. Ah well, I've already contributed my 2 cents worth, & in any case don't see any way to check such info.

Update: Dave posted a response to Xiaodong's comment. The cautionary tale seems to be not to judge too harshly or quickly, always good advice. Go to Pervasive Light and read it. I don't think NYC would be my cup of tea, not at all.

OT update is that I can't access my own comments from my home computer, although I can from my work computer. hmmmmmmm.

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