Friday, November 07, 2003

Gorey Detail on Concealed Carry

Gun: Charco .38 special 5-shot, snubby
Person: 5'3", female, small-bosomed & yes it does matter if you're trying to conceal.


A poochie. Can't draw the gun, makes me look bulgy in areas where even the pudgiest woman should not bulge. Like a half man/ half woman from PT Barnum's.

Also a regular holster that attaches to the belt. Outside the jeans is no good unless I wear tunic & even then will print in the wind. Inside the belt on the side is like spending the day being poked by a broomstick. A woman's curve angles the gun right into the ribs. On the tummy is not too bad, as long I don't sit down. Inside the back is maybe just needs more practice?

I've been eyeing an S&W medium frame .357 but perhaps I need to take a harder, braver look at semis. I like the no-fuss no-muss of a revolver though. I DO NOT want to get some itty-bitty .22, tho it may be best-choice for ccw.

Update: more advice, this time from Reactuate. Interesting point about the khaki pants.

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