Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Mineta's in big trouble!

Mom flew down for a visit. Then she flew home. Somewhere between TIA and ORD, her manicure kit disappeared from her suitcase. Mom's mad.

So I scouted around on the Internet and found the TSA website, printed and faxed her Standard Form 95 (Rev. 7-85), along with Mr. Mineta's email, website, and snail mail address.

She already has her letter written; she will send it, and the form, in to TSA HQ and cc: Mr. Mineta and probably a few other choice government representatives. You will see - she will get her manicure kit back or be reimbursed for $12.95 (or whatever it cost her).

God bless her. If we all raised a stink on principle, we would have a much better government.


Update: errr . . Mom found her manicure set. {blush}. Good thing she hadn't filed the claim yet. Can't see any reason to apologize to federal employees, though.

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