Thursday, November 13, 2003

John 'Big Ketchup' Kerry has apparently pulled back Swing Voter's access to Kerry's picture, according to Tim's post.

I stress 'apparently' because I haven't the foggiest idea how to capture a picture off someone else's site, or indeed, how to add one to my own site. Look, I'm on blogspot, right? What does that tell you?

But I do know people who have pictures on their website, that other websites link to, get irate about the bandwidth theft.

IF Tim is correct in his assumptions, then Big Ketchup Kerry is truly a bonehead. I can see cutting MY site, because I am a raving Libertarian whackjob, or cutting off the Rottweiler, who's a raving right-wing rascal in a cool kind of way, but the Swing Voter more and more strikes me as a regular, decent person - perhaps a tad naive in spots - trying to sort through the chaff.

Very stupid, very short-sighted, very distant from technology. Damn democrat . . .

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