Friday, November 07, 2003

Thigh Holsters

Just a little Internet searching, inspired by Freddy BoomBoom.

Tactical Options makes a CQB Solutions Apex tactical thigh holster, suitable for Colt 1911, M9, Block 17/22 type guns. This holster would work only with a square dance skirt or similar hoopskirt petticoat.

R & S Tactical sells several, which can be seen here. The SAS brand appears to have the most potential for under-skirt concealment. As a caution, the pictures show only the side, not the front view, and these holsters aren't actually made for concealed carry. The holsters ride up where the pelvis bone meets the leg bone, but the leg straps appear to be adjustable. Still, some potential here I think. They're geared towards pistols, not specifically toward revolvers. I'm not experienced enough to know how badly that matters.

The Kydex at Desantis is worn just above the knee. This seems a better placement for underskirt wear.

WHOO-HOO!! Paydirt!. Kemmer makes a fur-lined ankle holster and a thigh holster for women. See here. I don't think the thigh holster is fur-lined, tho. Too bad.

awwwwwwwww . . BAD WORDS!! GM Kemmer Tech is located in South Africa. Fat lot of good that does me!

This is not a thigh holster, but females with a 1911 may be interested in the Lo' Boy drop.

Hey! Here's another article on concealed carry. Among other things, it says:

"Seldom do women carry firearms in holsters attached to their waistbands. In fact, the very shape of the female makes this an unpleasant task, because it causes the gun to point inward, toward the torso, making rapid weapon acquisition and presentation nearly impossible. Instead, the ladies carry their guns in other ways, the most common of which is the purse (surprised, guys?). Here, however, there's a very real need to insure that the purse is either intended by design to carry a firearm or, if not, at least exhibits a compartment within which it can be carried.

Moreover, having seen what the interior of most purses looks like (!), it should at this point be added with alacrity that, whichever is chosen, the compartment should be kept free of any items not directly related to the weapon itself. Scarves, car keys, compacts and other female paraphernalia absolutely must be kept in some other part of the purse to avoid interference with the weapon should it be needed!"

& that seems to pretty well dispose of the 'ladies thigh holster' search for this evening.

fur-lined holsters . . mmmmmm.

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