Tuesday, November 18, 2003

NYT - no moral grounds

A paper that's as quick to criticize as the NYT might do well to tend to its own failings first. If they can't even handle one lousy building properly, where do they get off criticizing the management of an entire country?

"My family has a property in the green zone in down town Baghdad on Abi-Nuas street. The New York Times rents the adjacent property. For several weeks now my brother Ali Al Ali has been denied automobile access to our property by security guards. . . . these guards are not coalition personal but are instead the private security force employed by your news paper. "

. . .

"I feel sure if learned the United States Army was responsible an incident such as this you would feel obligated to publish the story and condemn the act. "

. . .

"I hope this is a simple misunderstanding that you can correct quickly. My family hopes yet to have The New York Times as a good neighbor."

Go to Healing Iraq to read the entire letter to the New York Times.

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