Monday, July 14, 2003

Sing and Be Happy!

The state of Florida is not yet totally devoid of common sense! Ms. Sultaana Freeman did not win her frivolous lawsuit filed, I believe, in an attempt to ease the burden of thugs trying to escape American justice. Bitch.

The article says her attorney, Mark Howard, was acting on a pro bono basis. Were there no worthier cases he could have selected? Bastard.

Actually, I could think of some ways around this that would probably be satisfactory - if not today, perhaps in a few years when technology gets a little better and a little cheaper. Fingerprints, DNA and voiceprints, for instance, in lieu of a photograph. I am against such things for myself - I do not want the state to have my DNA on file. However, if someone else prefers it over a photograph, and is willing to personally reimburse the state for the added costs, more power to them.

Interesting, Florida did offer a reasonable compromise to the woman - to have her photo taken privately, by a female photographer. Then nobody would see it except her and the photographer, which would not violate her religion unless she got a ticket. So there is an incentive to drive carefully, I guess. But no, lil' bitch and her pro bono ACLU wanker wouldn't go for that. Nothing but special privileges for the child-beater will suffice.

I wonder, though, really I do wonder, what the response would have been if FL offered DNA as a substitute.

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