Monday, July 14, 2003

Grumble and Snarl

Beyonce Knowles, NBC, and the National Park Service have shown bad taste and poor judgement. The wench has been lewdly dancing on Grant's Tomb, the National Park Service has let her, and NBC had the kindness to insert the disrepectful crap into our living rooms.

Per the comments section of Yahoo News, people are very upset about it. Of course, Yahoo news commenters are pretty adapt at getting upset, but there is something special about the bile this time - something a little extra venomous.

Or maybe it just seems that way to me, because I am extremely disgusted, disappointed and dismayed by Beyond Knowledges' action. Also I have been getting 'stuff' from the National Park Service that makes me want to puke - will have to post it one of these days (but I digress!)

Anyway, since one of the 1st things that came to my mind was "o yeah? Howse about I belly-dance on MLK's grave? Wudja like THAT?!" & then when I got into Yahoo comments I saw about 13 other posters had the exact same initial thought, I thought I might drop a link and a line to the MLK grave people. Here it is:

"It would be helpful to race relations if your organization could denounce such behavior as that exhibited by Ms. Knowles. The story is starting to make the Internet rounds and is distressing to many people, considering that it essentially represents dancing on the grave of a man who risked his life to help stop slavery.

I do not have a well-read site, but if you care to issue something that says you dont approve, I could at least send a copy to a few of the sites that have posted or linked to the story. I cant say it would change the world, but I would feel a little better, anyway. : ) "

I hope they respond and say they don't approve of it either.

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