Wednesday, May 19, 2004

State's Rights, Declared Rights, 'Human' Rights, Left Rights, Wrong Rights, Night Rights, Might Rights, Kites' Rights, Blighted Rights

. . whatever.

Florida and Alabama will not be recognizing gay marriages performed in Massachusetts. However, at least in Florida, nobody knows whose responsibility it is to go around prosecuting over it. Although, really, what is there to prosecute? It would be a case of denying benefits, not throwing someone in jail.

What really got me down was this:

"State Attorney Harry Shorstein of Jacksonville, whose circuit covers Duval, Clay and Nassau counties, said such a case would not be a high priority for his office because there are more serious crimes to prosecute.

"I don't want to pass the buck, but I would think that would be in the purview of the attorney general," Shorstein said. "... I hate to say it, but if there's no gun involved, I'm not very interested. I don't think it's a state attorney's function."'

coupled with Florida statute 741.212 says, "Marriages between persons of the same sex entered into in any jurisdiction, whether within or outside the state of Florida ... are not recognized for any purpose in this state."

added to Article IV of the Constitution, states: "Full faith and credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state."

multiplied by the fact that Massachusetts won't honor my FL CCW

which gives you a sum product of the laws and the constitution don't mean jack unless they suit the desires of people with more power than I happen to have.

Happy Wednesday.

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