Tuesday, May 18, 2004

& Speaking of long-ago things for which I have no link

Instapundit links to more info on sarin. Am I the only person who remembers that sarin was found in the Euphrates at the beginning of the war?

They found traces of sarin and 2 other highly toxic bio-chemical substances in the Euphrates river. The assumption, based on the amounts and location of the traces, is that fairly large quantities were dumped in the Euphrates about the time that President Bush issued his two-day ultimatum to Hussein.

So hear this, my left-wing liberal friends: your buddy Hussein does bad things to the environment. Just think about those poor little fishies.

The UN lied; Fish died!!

ok, actually on the one particular point of WMD, the UN didn't lie.

How about: The UN provaricated; Fish expir . . no. . .

The UN stalled; fish were mauled!

France got cash; rivers were trashed!

Well, anyway.

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