Monday, May 26, 2003


I went kayaking yesterday at Weedon Island. My first time there . . it's quite beautiful and I will have to go again, but this time at high tide. I didn't take the canoe trail, as the water level was too low. It was also the first time I drove that far and that fast with the kayak. I have a baby pickup (Chevy S10, named Elvis, if you want to know). I put down the gate, and run 2 tie downs through the scupper hole and 2 through the stern handle. Over half the kayak hangs over the back, but it does seem to hold and nobody tailgates me!

There is a grave near the entrance:

Loenzo Dow Ross

Co.B 7th FLA Inf.



So I stopped there for a bit and paid my respects. I have a Lorenzo Dow in my own ancestry. You can read about the original here and here. You can read one of hsi books here.

As is typical of 19th century writing, it's quite flowery and difficult to wade through, by our standards.

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