Sunday, May 18, 2003

I do not think there is or will ever be a better analysis of the Democratic Texans than the one written by The Lemon.

If I ever manage to sleep tonight, the goal is to wake up early tomorrow and go kayaking. I bought a new life jacket today - a kayaking, women's jacket that won't squash my boobs even tinier than they already are - with POCKETS!!! Pockets are a beautiful thing. Designers who don't add pockets should be strung up, shot down, tossed around, stepped on, put in a burlap bag, thrown in a creek, withdrawn, and then hung up again, to dry. I feel strongly about this issue, and I DEMAND to know what my elected representatives are going to do about it!

I hope I don't chicken out. I haven't been since last fall, when I found a black widow had built a web on the seat. Boy, that could have been painful! But I figure if I take it down on the drive, hose it out, scrub it, drown it in bug spray, bang it a few times, pray mightily, and drive really really really fast to create a good strong wind and blow things away, I will be fine.

May 15 has come and gone. I am NOT on the layoff list, but alas, did not get a new gun or new bookshelves either. Der Kinder has 4 impacted wisdom teeth, and the cost of the teeth = S&W + bookshelves. But that's cool - he matters more than being (how old am I?!? Already??!!!) and still keeping my books on the floor, like a teenager. & I still have my flame thrower, even if the guys at the range do laugh at it. It fires actual rounds, accurately enough for the distance I'm likely to need it at for self-defense. They tell me it's too cheap to be a Saturday Night Special - the best my current little gun can ever aspire to is a Friday Afternoon Matinee. Ah well, at least it's a conversation piece!

Vegetable garden is doing fine!! Butterfly II not so fine, the anise and lavender are NOT sprouting. I don't believe lavender ever sprouts from seed. Those seed packets are just part of the left-wing conspiracy's attempt to wrench filthy lucre from the wallets of the Productive Class.

Acidman at Gut Rumbles came to visit! and left a post!! That was very sweet of him. I think he's just an old softy at heart, but I'm not gonna tell him that. You tell 'im - I don't have the nerve!

Huh. I had another thought, but I lost it. Must be just about time for sleep.


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