Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Hollywood Halfwits has two articles about anti-war commencements speakers getting booed. One was New York Times 'reporter' Chris Hedges at Rockford College (article here), and the other was Phil Donahure at North Carolina State (article here). The article included the usual dribble-drabble about being open to new ideas and the usual implication that anyone who disagrees with a liberal viewpoint is mean and stupid.

Liberals do not realize how many battles they have won, and that the current state of the world is the direct result of their own actions. They started out with a lot of good ideas, but didn't know when to quit. So racial equality turned into white-hating and black degradation; Women's lib has lowered the female to the violence of the male, and emasculated the male, instead of raising up male negotiation skills and female ability to grasp unadorned facts; an awareness and acceptance of other cultures has led to unmerited scorn of our own.


Good Things

My caladiums are blooming! I didn't even know they had blooms. It's sort of like the peace lilly bloom, a stalk inside a hood. Smells good, too!

You look like you could use a joke

Q. Where do beginning vampires learn how to suck blood?

A. Law School!

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