Saturday, May 31, 2003

Expandable Thoughts

The following are deserving of philosophical exposition, but they are not going to get it, from me, today. However, feel free to expand upon here or elsewhere, as you see fit:

  • Grandma Eckert (dec.) on Crime and the Economy: The economy was much, much worse during the depression than it is now (early '70's), but we didn't have nearly the crime. I think the difference was attitude. In 1930, there was such a thing as being poor but honest, and it was something to be proud of. If you had a job, you were lucky and you knew it, and so did everyone else. Unemployed people weren't treated with such disdain. We all knew they wanted to work.

  • Grandma Eckert on marriage, religion and alcohol: When I was a girl, I used to go to church every Sunday. Then I got married. Now I go to bars.

  • It appears to me that creationists are more inclined to let evolution work. Evolutionists are more reluctant to accept the consequences of evolution.

  • The real Clinton legacy is the new reluctance of the right/conservative element to police its own. Two and one/half years after Clinton, that reluctance is just now beginning to fade. In the pre-Clinton era, a Republican President who signed into law something that he knew was unconstitutional would have had the right/left and inbetween raising Cain. In the post-Clinton era, there were a few feeble "Hey, you shouldn't do that"s, but no hot rage. I am referring specifically to the McCain-Feingold bill, but there are other examples.

  • The faith-based initiative is stupid. It is only going to create more government interference with religion, and more religions abandoning their god for government money.

  • Same can be said for school vouchers. FYI, the school voucher program is running in FL, and only two private schools have taken advantage of it. The government restrictions tied to the money are too stupid to be adapted by a private school with a waiting list.
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