Friday, November 05, 2004

Sober today, and only slightly hungover, so I can address this without wanting to bite anyone.

Gay Marriage and the Cheneys:

this is a short post at the Volokh Conspiracy, so I'm reprinting it full

If, as Eugene and others have suggested, it was voters who turned out to vote against gay marriage who gave Bush his margin of victory in Ohio, it lends credence to the theory that the reason Kerry and Edwards both noted that Dick Cheney has a lesbian daughter was to discourage turnout among precisely these voters.

True story, as unlikely as it sounds: I spoke Wednesday with a 75-year, unmarried, supe-duper Christian virgin who voted for the first time in her life on Nov 2, 2004. She'd just never been interested in politics before, but between the fuss made about it last election and since, and also maybe because she's moved from a house to an apartment (more time on her hands), she decided this year to pay attention and perhaps vote. Well, she did vote and she voted for Bush. The tipping points for her were (1) a Frontline show "supposedly comparing Bush and Kerry, but they made Kerry look like he walked on water and Bush look like a total wash-out. Nobody could be as bad as Bush was painted and still make it to the presidency. I thought 'Who do they think they're kidding?'" and (2) 'that remark about Mary Cheney. Is that what "they call compassion? Anybody can carry a bible or wear a cross - doesn't mean anything and you're a fool if you think it does. I felt like my religion was being used."

Granted, she's an unusual woman.

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