Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Buck up, Buckeyes!

Welcome to the wonderful world of villification. Unless John Kerry behaves like a gentleman and a statesman, you will shortly began to hear things about your state that are slanted and/or untrue - things that will make you look like a collection of addled doofuses. Things that are done all over the country, and have been for years, will be highlighted as if Ohio is the only place where it happens. When lawsuits are filed, and thrown out, only the filing will be reported. The frivolity of some of these suits won't be discussed. There will be foul rumors and false canards flung at you, and the stories will never be corrected.

Hang in there, kiddos. If you have a blog, blog that side of the stories that the media won't report. When this is finally over, your state will have a healthly, well-deserved contempt for the media as well as the democrat party. And at the next election, the margin won't be so small, as a certain portion of your electorate will resent the slander.

Best of luck to you.

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