Friday, October 01, 2004

Most people just find you weird.

yeah, yeah. We knew that.

You're a Mystical. You don't fit in in any way and
most people just find you weird, but you are in
a group. You are respected by everyone, even
though you're just really different.

What kind of group person are you?
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Jeez, maybe I shouldn't take these things on an empty stomach:

Harp Seal
Harp Seal

What is Your Inner Animal?
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A Mouse!
"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one
thing - that it was all started by a
Walt Disney

What Is Your Spirit Animal?
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Yeah, well, but I'm an armed mousey harp seal!

Spikey ^
>You really aren't that vicious you just do it for
self defense, but you sure are cute. -Hugs-

What Dangerous Animal are you?
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All quizzes taken at DovenWolfSteig (no idea what that means!), a young 'un with a bunch of quizzes and a very hypnotic cursor.

One more . . just one more . . this is the last, I swear. This one from Hog on Ice, purveyor of renowned recipes and rants.

The Moon Card
You are the Moon card. Entering the Moon we enter
the intuitive and psychic realms. This is the
stuff dreams are made on. And like dreams the
imagery we find here may inspire us or torment
us. Understanding the moon requires looking
within. Our own bodily rhythms are echoed in
this luminary that circles the earth every
month and reflects the sun in its progress.
Listening to those rhythms may produce visions
and lead you towards insight. The Moon is a
force that has legends attached to it. It
carries with it both romance and insanity.
Moonlight reveals itself as an illusion and it
is only those willing to work with the force of
dreams that are able to withstand this
reflective light. Image from: Stevee Postman.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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I like this better than the mouse seal. "the stuff dreams are made on" Look out, Bogie, here I come!

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