Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Mood of Hillsborough Voters

Just to say:

The general mood of the voters in line at the polls was:

(1) cheery at the process and participation
(2) patient at the wait. Some had good stories about people who risked their lives to vote in other countries, others had stories about old-timey America and bribes of whiskey at the voting booth. "The wait is longer than I expected, but it's good not to be shot at!" "Yes, but I wouldn't mind the whiskey about now."
(3) fervent hopes, expressed with a pursing of the lips:
(a) that the media will refrain from announcing until they know what they're talking about;
(b) that the election will not go to court;
(c) that whoever loses, loses graciously and courteously. "None of this 'oops, I changed my mind' stuff."

Oddly, item (c) was expressed most glumly and wistfully by those of a liberal bent. I think the DNC would do well to grow the hell up while it still has members to loose. I actually felt kinda bad for those liberals in line.

Interestingly, the liberalish people who were worried about FL counties screwing up mentioned Appalachicola! Now why? It's Broward, Brevard and Miami-Dade that screwed up 2000 and 2002, and Broward has already managed to screw up 2004 even before the election. So where did Appalachicola come from?

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