Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Relax . . your government is in control [snicker]

Snopes has officially declared that the Anne Jacobsen story is a false alarm. Normally, Snopes is one of the few sources I'm inclined to trust. Not this time.

I mean, yeah, maybe, in this particular instance the guys were really simple brain-dead musicians with no idea of proper airplane behaviour. It could be.

That doesn't alter the fact that their behaviour was suspicious, and should have been called to the attention of authorities. Ms. Jacobsen did the right thing.

I am most perturbed by the way this story has been handled by the authorities, by the media, by the musicians, and by a good portion of the public.

We only have two names - Anne Jacobsen and David Adams, FBI spokesman. We have no musician names, no band names, no casino names. We have no statement from the band manager, saying "Sorry, they're a bunch of typical airhead musicians and didn't realize they were scaring the heck out of people by ignoring airplane rules." What we do have from the FBI is the utterly absurd and blatantly false statement that being concerned about terrorists can cause as much damage as being a terrorist.

Horseshit. HORSESHIT! Even if the entire plane had panicked and attacked the band, the ultimate worst would be a couple of people dead and a few injured. Bad? Yes, very bad indeed. As bad as an entire planeload of the dead? As bad as an occupied building destroyed, along with all its contents including humans? No. No comparison.

So WTF, FBI? What game are you playing here? Why are you encouraging the American Public to fall asleep at the wheel? It seems to be working on some people, but for me, the more I hear that kind of talk from government authorities, the less inclined I am to follow it.

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