Friday, July 23, 2004

Fly Your Colors!

Rachel is, of course, terrific. Today, she is specifically being terrific regarding 14 Syrians on an airplane.

Rachel links to Michelle Malkin's post on same. Ms. Malkin's posts are open for comment, and many of the comments are "you're all racists for being concerned" (condensed version).

There isn't much response to that but 'No we're not" "Yes you are" etc.

SO, in an effort to bring peace, harmony and facts into the discussion, if perchance you will be traveling with a group of people who share your racial/physical characteristics, coordinate amongst yourselves behaving like terrorists on a dry run. I'd be interested in hearing what happens.

Maybe you are one of those people who travel somewhere exotic for your wedding, and take the whole wedding party with you. As long as you're stuck on a flight, you may as well go to the lavatory. There's nothing else to do on a plane anyway. Just make sure that when you go, you take something with you and leave it in the john. Also, go at a time when you're not permitted to leave your seat. Finally, block the aisles as you talk softly in a foreign language to your bride's maids and ushers. If you don't know a foreign language, just mutter some gibberish. We won't be able to understand you anyway.

Was it racist to be afraid? Was it reverse racist to not do anything about it?

My personal hunch is that, if that group had been white, black or chinese, the plane's reaction would have been a simple "Sit down, ya knuckleheads!" Not deathly fear, just annoyance. And we're more conditioned to deal with annoying people than with killers. We know so many jerks, but few genuine psychopathic killers.

I'm really sorry I can't afford to hire a bunch of ethnic groups to fly and behave like terrorists (dry run only!). Well, maybe I'll win the lottery weekend.

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