Tuesday, July 20, 2004

People who pay for chocolate become irritated when they are given sand instead.

Linda Ronstadt is a thief.

Linda Ronstadt vomited forth praise of Michael (the Moor) Moore at a Vegas concert, and the audience was not pleased. Yelling 'Farenheit' in a crowded theater got Ms. Ronstadt escorted out of the Aladdin Hotel for provoking a 'near-riot.'

It's about time that innocent people paying for entertainment aren't forced to listen to foolish political blathering. I'm pleased by this.

The cries of 'evil conservative censorship and dicatorship' have already started. Yawn. At the Washington Dispatch comments(click on Ronstadt above), we have:

It's scary how conservatives in this country try to shut down dissent and turn America into some kind of dictatorship with blind acceptance of leaders and foolish cheerleading that has nothing to do with real patriotism.

I haven't the stamina to continue arguing with persons bereft of logic. I posted my own bit of silliness instead:

It's scarey, the way liberals think they're entitled to steal money from others and use that money to spread their propaganda. Liberals like Linda Ronstadt are trying to turn this county into a dictatorship by constantly forcing their viewpoints on captive audiences, without allowing those same audiences to express alternating viewpoints.

I daresay I'll regret it, but c'mon, people! get a clue!!

There is an organization named Hezbollah that considers me, Linda Ronstadt, my auto mechanic, and your dry cleaner a walking-talking military target. This same organization considers a film produced by Michael Moore worthy of their efforts to assist in the distribution of said film in the Middle East. Farenheit 911 is considered a useful propaganda tool by people who want to kill Linda Ronstadt and her entire Aladdin Hotel audience and the LLLs don't even pause for thought.


Update: Ravenswood weighs in. Puggs at Random Nuclear Strikes brings this interesting little quote to the fore:

In an interview with the R-J’s Mike Weatherford before the show, Ronstadt said with a laugh: “I keep hoping that if I’m annoying enough to them, they won’t hire me back.”

ok. You're fired. Oh, Ms. Ronstadt? It would be an act of gracious honesty if, when the LLL screams 'censorship,' you point out to the loud amongst us that your removal from the Aladdin Hotel is precisely what you wanted and worked for.

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