Thursday, July 29, 2004

Harold Fish Self Defense Fund

Apparently Arizona prosecutors have decided to go ahead with prosecuting Mr. Fish. If you can help Mr. Fish out, please make a check out to Jones, Skelton, Hockuli for the amount you wish to donate, and in the memo section of the check, please write for the benefit of Harold Fish

The address to send it to is:

2901 N Central Ste #800
Phoenix AZ 85012

My synopsis:

Mr. Kuenzli was a man with some mental health problems. He had a therapy dog and he frequently walked dogs for the Payson Humane Society. One of Mr. Kuenzli's previous problems with authorities was a penchant for not leashing his dog.

Payson Humane Society knew something of Mr. Kuenzli's problems. They permitted him to walk two dogs from the Humane Society along with his own therapy dog. One of the dogs released to Mr. Kuenzli on the fateful day was a dog of known aggression, barely saved from being shot by a detective who had been bit in the leg by the dog.

Mr. Kuenzli was out with the 3 dogs unleashed in a forest preserve. Mr. Fish came from the other direction. According to Mr. Fish, the 3 dogs charged Mr. Fish. Mr. Fish fired a warning shot and the dogs scattered. So far so good.

Then Mr. Kuenzli charged Mr. Fish. Mr Fish warned Mr. Kuenzli to stop, but Kuenzli did not stop. Fish fired and Kuenzli died.

"Coconino County sheriff's detectives say the shooting of 43-year-old Grant Kuenzli was a justifiable homicide. But the victim's friends say he was a peaceful man who had volunteered to take a couple of dogs from an animal shelter out for exercise and didn't deserve to die."

The sheriff's department didn't want to prosecute the guy. Animal rights lovers, imho, have pressured this arrest into taking place. Payson's animal shelter appears to me to be the 'most guilty' party in this. They KNEW they had a dangerous dog, they KNEW they had a potentially unstable dog-walker, they KNOWINGLY made the combination and let it loose on society.

My hunch is that Payson's is pushing for prosecution of Mr. Fish to distract attention from their own, obvious, criminal negligence.

This is discussed emotionally over at
The High Road, with copies and links to various newspaper articles. I know some will hear the word 'dog' and immediately side against Mr. Fish. Before you do that, would you please read my post on role-playing, where I've relayed the incident only without the dogs.


Update: Blogspot being blogspot, the link to the earlier post doesn't actually take you there.  Here's the text of the June 8th post:

"Let's do some role-playing

Count to ten, clear your mind, and imagine this:

You are standing at the bottom of a hill. Some guy comes running at you, saying he's going to kill you. His fists are clenched and you can't tell if he has anything in them.Your gun is drawn. You tell him to stop. He doesn't.What do you do?"

& that's the essence of the Fish case.

Update II, Aug 1: Mr. Fish has pled not guilty to 2nd degree murder charges. Court date is August 16.

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