Tuesday, April 22, 2003


La La La - Tuesday is Staff Meeting Day! 'tis an excellent method of wasting two hours for no apparent reason. I dunno - maybe if I didn't hate my job so much it might be slightly more interesting.

& I should be more careful, I know. As much as I bitch about my job, I will probably bitch twice as much when I lose it. . . . May 15 . . . We'll see what happens then.

Have gotten into a pissing contest with some dumb broad who wants access to a confidential database, but won't tell me why. Nimrod. Pretty funny because I can't give her access anyway. I could, however, tell someone who can authorize her access to go ahead and do it, but durned if I will - at least without a valid reason. So she sent me a pissy note, copied her manager, my manager, and my manager's manager. So I sent her back a pissy note with a 'reply all.' I expect my boss will call to tell me to 'play nice.' Better to provide some stray sales rep with customer-confidential information and access to unprotected legal documents than to offend anyone's sense of pomposity.

This co. will go down the tubes the minute Worldcom comes out of bankruptcy. I do not understand how it has survived this long. I am going to hear it for commiting the evil crime of attempting to protect the company's assets. It's even funnier when you realize the reason I can't provide access or direct assistance is because I can't acess this particular dbase because my boss was too cheap to continue paying for the ID.

10:46 a.m.: I'm in the meeting now. They're talking about rumors related to layoffs. I am doodling and wish I had a green pen to add stems to my flowers. Good thing I telecommute.


On the brighter side of life, the dark red daylillies are blooming today. They have finally started to fill out a bit, and bloom together. Probably it will be 2 more years before they really fill out. I did notice a few aphids, though - time to get ladybugs!!

Acidman at Gutrumbles discusses gardening. I wonder if I could get him or his mom to send me some tips? Sounds like she does some serious Georgia gardening, which would be close to Florida gardening.

WOO-HOO! Spotted a White Peacock, in addition to my fritallary. Haven't seen any Whites or Sulphurs yet today. There is also an itty-bitty butterfly that I can't find in books. It's smaller than my thumbnail, mainly white but with some pale green edging, and it likes the grass. Charming little fellow!

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