Sunday, April 20, 2003

Ah hell.

It's Sunday night - have a bunch of stuff I should have worked on over the weekend, and did not. & it wouldn't have needed week-end work, if I'd been better about actually working during the work week. I hate this job and company soooooo much. I can usually override a bad attitude, but not with this company.

Why is that?
Is it because they are a bunch of gun-grabbing oppressive fanatics?


Is it because the executive, xxxx, formerly in charge of my group, has a hateful, antagonistic attitude towards his employees?


Is it because they have layoffs every six months, whether they need them or not?


Is it because their service sucks?

yes - I see my Internet access has dropped off AGAIN. It does that every few minutes now. Never ever happened before we were 'acquired' by this piece of shit company.

Is it because the corporate culture at this joint consistently wastes my time in pointless meetings?

Yes. If they can waste my time, I can waste theirs.

Is it because everything - & I do mean everything - that comes across my desk is an emergency? And not only an emergency, but the jerk who wants it 'right now' then proceeds to waste 20 minutes of my time telling me how important it is that I drop everything else and tend to his little crisis?

Yes. If it's truly that important, shut up, get off the phone, and let me get to work. Seeking information from these goobers - needed to complete the task - doesn't get a straightforward answer. It gets a 20-minute lecture on why it's important to rush it through.

I could live with any two of the above. No place is perfect. But the sheer quantity of ways in which I am treated like crap here have really got me down.

Actually, xxxx left the company. For a brief moment, I had hope that inspiration would return. Then they announced layoffs coming AGAIN! that killed it.