Friday, April 11, 2003

Durn. Had a post, with a link and everything, but the connection died and I lost my thought. Will this be a learning experience, or will I erase the whole thing in 3 weeks?

Take II:
Hey YOU! Arab Street!

This article,2933,83704,00.html , and others in the same vein, indicate that a whole bunch of Arabs are down in the dumps because the Iraqi war didn't last longer. Apparently, you're as glad to see Saddam gone as anyone else, it's just that you think it's a dishonor, or something.

Well, knock it off. There is no dishonor to the Arab fighting skills or anything else. This war was short due not to a lack of Iraqi bravery, but to a lack of Iraqi stupidity. They didn't WANT to fight and die to continue a thug-filled government that tortured and killed. I don't blame them, not a bit. Considering how some of them were placed - human shields and all that - some showed more courage in not fighting than in fighting. Hold your heads up, guys. Really and truly, most Americans see themselves more as partners with the Iraqi citizen, than as conquerors of them.

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