Thursday, April 24, 2003


Sis not only visited and left a post, she actually READ some stuff!! Now, that's family loyalty!

Also on the upside, #1Son is actually looking into scholarships FINALLY!!!

On the downside, I asked Mom to come visit my blog. Mom said "no."



Got more dirt last night, for butterfly II. Saw the red admiral yesterday and I'm real sure it's a red admiral. Butterfly book says they are very common, but it's the first one in my yard. May I never become so jaded that the sight of a butterfly can't soothe my soul.

I also got seeds for the veg garden. The books say it's too late to plant, but the seed packets say it's not, so I'm going to risk it.


I have not ordered a new S&W for Michael Moore Day. If I am not on 'the list,' I will order a month late.

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