Friday, August 15, 2003

Power Outage. Ho-hum

I cannot believe the fuss over the stupid power outage in the NE. Doesn't even sound like they expect it to last a whole 24 hours. I'm sorry to be callous, but c'mon guys!

OK, look, the people without water in Cleveland - that's a big deal. The miners stuck 4,000 feet underground in Ottawa, THAT's a big deal!!

The pasty NYC dweeb who'll miss his meetings tomorrow? Couldn't care less. Somehow, I think the sun will continue to rise and set even if Mr. Pasty-face has to reschedule.

People wonder why I don't watch TV. I wonder why people do. I broke down and turned on the news last night when I heard about the power outage. It was a useless waste of time. I've no idea whether or not power will be restored to the critical cities first (that would be the cities without water, not the cities without meetings). I've no idea if those miners are going to be okay, if we (or somebody) will be airlifting generators to the mine, or what. I do know that NYC-ers are bravely foregoing meetings, and think they are pretty darn tough for doing so.


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