Wednesday, August 20, 2003

La La La

Judge Orders Hawaii's Kamehameha Schools to Admit Student Who Challenged Hawaiians-Only Policy
8/21/03 0:54AM
By BRUCE DUNFORD, Associated Press Writer

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the exclusive Kamehameha Schools to admit a 12-year-old student pending a decision in the boy's civil rights challenge to the school's Hawaiians-only admissions policy.

U.S. District Judge David Ezra stressed that the preliminary injunction does not indicate whether he feels the private school's admissions policies are legal or not.

. . .

Admissions are highly prized, both for the quality of education and the low cost compared to other private schools. About 4,400 Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian students attend the schools. Non-Hawaiians are admitted if there are openings, after Hawaiians who meet the criteria have been offered admission, school officials say.

Last year, the first non-Hawaiian admitted to Kamehameha Schools in 40 years created an uproar by the alumni and in the Hawaiian community. This year, no non-Hawaiians were admitted.

The school was sued in June by another student who also challenged the admissions policy as a violation of federal civil rights law. A hearing in that case is scheduled Nov. 17, and it is possible that the courts could decide to consolidate the two cases.

NY taxpayers fund a homosexuals-only school. At least, the Hawaiian school is private. I need to find a support group for white heterosexuals.

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