Saturday, September 25, 2004

To Err is Human
to refrain from sniggering at somebody's error is devine.

See, it was like this . . . I mean, it happened to a friend . .yeah, yeah that's the ticket! It happened to a friend of my neighbor's uncle by marriage. Nobody I know would do something like!

So there was this person, see? and she - uh, I mean he - yeah, he - well, he had to evacuate and he couldn't take his guns and didn't have a gun safe, right? So he put his guns and stuff in the washing machine because, like, what looter is going to stop and do laundry? So he thought he got everything out, but well . . .

How long does it take ammo to dry out? Will it still be good? What does one do with bad ammo?

It was the good ammunition, too, the hydroshocks.

Not, mind you, that I would ever do a thing like that.

Stop sniggering!

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