Friday, October 17, 2003

Ya learn something new everyday

I kinda like Mike Miyake's blog, even if I don't understand it. I didn't know that:

Su is 'speed' and shi is 'eat' (and by extension, 'food'). This word isn't necessarily convertible into other non-Chinese East Asian languages: i.e., AFAIK, there is no Japanese sokushoku . . .

But according to his post on Sushi, it's true.

UPDATE: I'm wrong! Mr. Miyake was kind enough to send me an email with corrections:

MM: Sorry for the misunderstanding. The "sushi" in my post title referred to a
Mandarin word pronounced "soo-sher". This has nothing to do with the
Japanese word sushi ("soo-shee"), despite the identical romanization.

ME: Chinese Mandarin fast food sounds like Japanese raw fish??

MM: Yes, it's a total coincidence which I thought was cute. The characters for
the two words are completely different. I'll blog about this later this

I think it's cute, too.

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