Friday, October 17, 2003

Ordinary Drinks

The 1st worthwhile blog contest that I've seen is over at Madfish Willie's, Imperial Poisoner. I don't have anything exceptionally wild to offer, but the contest DOES say it should reflect the title of your blog. Anyway, here's what I like to drink:

Cool Galoot
iced tea

Good stuff on a hot day! However, this one may be disqualified because it's hardly original. I've seen it called Ice Pick and Summer Hummer, only they didn't have the mint. I don't either half the time, whatever, it's good with or without.

The Groggy Galoot

Captain Morgan's spiced rum
Ginger Ale
ice, of course

It tastes much better than it sounds. Jean next door introduced me to this one, but it has no other name besides Capn Morgan & Ginger Ale.

Grandma's Cold Remedy

Hot tea

mmmmm. It'll take care of that sore throat right quick! My grandmother was a GREAT woman! Used to irritate my mom, though, sometimes. I find this tastes better if you let the tea steep in whiskey at the bottom of the teapot while waiting for the water to boil.

I don't use measurements. I just splash some in and adjust if my throat catches on fire.

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