Sunday, June 01, 2003

Narcissism in Blogland

Seems like lately, there's been an awful lots of blogs with the following themes:

  • Web logs are going to SAVE THE WORLD! At last, a chance for the common man to speak and be heard!; and
  • (Everybody, sing along!) My blog's better than yo-ours, my blog's better than your-or-or-ors, my blog's better than YO-OURS, 'cuz I get more hits and posts.

  • Lots of cross-posting, too. The blogosphere seems to have become a very clique-y place in the past couple of weeks. Very few people are actually writing anything worth reading, just linking to each other and having contests and things. Very Hollywood-ish, actually. The blogosphere is taking its own temperature and analyzing and preening itself.

    Ah hell!! & as this post indicates, I've apparently been sucked into it myself.

    I really hope these stupid contests end soon and people start posting something interesting again.

    Update: I mean, I think the pool for the Blue-light Blair special is funny, obviously, or else I wouldn't have linked to it. But there are also a lot of 'send me links' contests going on that are just silly. Bloglinking is a very dreary spectator sport. Sorry if I was incoherent.

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