Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Shari'a comes to Oakland

Oakland, California surrenders to The Muslim Temperance Union.

Two liquor stores trashed. One set on fire. One owner kidnapped and the Ass. Press doesn't think such kidnapping worthy of any additional details.

They just wanted to leave a message"
coos AP writer Justin Norton. Hello? Did they never hear of postcards, letters and sticky notes?

"But the recent attack . . . have injected religion into the debate."
Religion, mind you. Not violence. Not facsism. Not oppression. o no. Religion.

"The elder Bey was accused of raping young women. . .lauded for providing . .. guidance to young black men


So here it is, boys and girls. The tone of the Oakland (cough, cough) leadership, and of the article, is cringing, crawling and craven, and nearly as disgusting as the actions of Oakland's laudable Black Muslim Community. Both the AP writer and the Oakland leaders quoted turn against the liquor stores with nary a word against the actual, genuine dyed-in-the-wool thugs.

Annie, get your gun - or get your burkha. If we don't cut this molly-coddling crap out, those are the only choices the future will hold.

While we ponder between blue steel and black burlap, raise a glass (of lemonade) to great-great Aunt Mariette, a die-hard member of the Women's Temperance Union, who spent her life working to get Prohibition enacted, thus ensuring the rise of the Mafia.

Mariette ended her days refusing to eat any cooked food. She dined on raw corn and raw hamburger.

She was a nutjob, and so are the proprietors of Your Black Muslim Bakery and others of their ilk.

It is not safe to continue pampering thugs. Is this not obvious? Do I really have to say this?

Judging by the words of AP crawler Justin Norton I guess I do. You need to say it to.

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Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that article makes me retch. And you didn't even point out this choice quote:

"inner-city neighborhoods are glutted with markets that sell alcohol and contribute to violent crime, vagrancy and other social ills."

So obviously it is the markets to blame! If we can just shut them all down then our social ills will fade away like a distant sad memory.

This is horrible, biased writing (not journalism, just writing).