Wednesday, December 29, 2004

O Yeah. Now I remember why I used to be feminist.

Because Superman was an asshole.

Polipundit links up with Accordion Guy to introduce us to a 1959 blog. Very cute, very fun so far as the word 'blog' goes.

But, ya know what? Superman was a smug, smarmy saboteur. Lois had her situation under control (sort of), and because Superman's precious little ego was hurt, he fucked with her. Not in a fun, carnal way - in a nasty, slimy, underhanded manipulative way.

I was just thinking yesterday about how long it's been since I heard the term 'delicate male ego.' Oooooo, we had to be so careful of the delicate male ego. Really, truly, I kid you not. Girls were actually told (and tragically, some believed it) to appear dumber and clumsier than they were, so as not to tread upon the delicate male ego. I was lucky in my tender years - my dear old Dad pointed out the obvious:

"If you have to pretend to be less than you are to attract a man, you'll spend your life stagnant and undeveloped to please an insecure, inferior man who's not worth pleasing."

Thanks, Dad.

Gosh, I'd like to kick Superman in the nuts right about now. My inner feminist is raging. Feminism's gone overboard in many spots, but it surely was needed way back when.

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