Sunday, September 21, 2003


I like a good ghost story, such as this one. There are plenty of happenings that aren't readily explainable, although there are plenty more where people are clearly and desperately seeing/hearing etc whatever supports what they want to believe.

I like a good ghost story, but I prefer them to be of the 'it happened to the friend of a cousin of a teacher of my neighbor's dentist' type. I don't want bloomin' documented evidence, & I'm pleased that whatever 'expert' examined the tape has reservations. Why? Well, damn, think about it!

As a Christian, I am okay with the live-die-sleep until judgment day scenario. I am not at all pleased with a live-die-mope around the earth reliving your last acts until judgment day scenario. Yuck. It could be thousands and thousands of years . . . who wants to hang around all that time, unable to participate, unable to leave, unable to communicate . . ?

There are clearly lots and lots of people who want ghosts to be real. Why?? Who wants to be a ghost?

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